Jasmin Lehmann

Jasmin Lehmann

Interdisciplinary Designer, Freelancer

Graphic and Communication Design, Photography, Public Relations, Online-Marketing, Copywriting and Branding.

Currently based in Bonn, Germany

About Me

With my experience and a network of designers, photographers, artists, marketing specialists and other creatives all around the globe I’m able to offer you full service, which means I’ve got you covered on design, content and anything else you might need.

There are many creatives out there. But to actually think outside the box, to grow, you have to leave your comfort zone. That’s what I did. After I graduated with my diploma, I moved to Florida to work for and learn from the Walt Disney Company. Before returning to Germany more than a year later, I traveled by myself throughout the States, Peru and México.
Seeing so much of the world, alone and independently, getting to know new friends from all over the planet and learning about their culture changed me for good, and for the better. In my character, my personality and my profession.

My Experience

As freelancer I had the chance to work with companies and individuals from around the globe, to improve and share my passion for branding, photography and graphic design.

For a few years I had the opportunity to work continuously for the world’s largest public broadcaster, the ARD and the national television network „Das Erste“ operated by the ARD, as well as other broadcasters.
Main functions: public relations, graphic design and photography, but also event organization.

By getting the opportunity to participate in the Disney International Program in 2015 I spent one year working in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. As a cultural representative I gained international work experience with an empire that expects a high level of professionalism, excellent guest service and hard work of every single cast member. As a trainer I shared the legacy with new co-workers.
Furthermore I visited career development workshops to improve myself on the job, but also for a deeper insight into the company.

After returning to Germany in autumn 2016, I started working at the IKEA group in the department Communication & Interior Design.

Picture Puzzle Medien

Agency for Public Relations & TV Production, 2012 – 2015
Public Relations, Photography, Graphic Design, Event Organization

Verbotene Liebe, ARD

TV Show, 2012 – 2015
Public Relations, Photography, Online Specials, Graphic Design, Event Organization

In aller Freundschaft, ARD

TV Show, 2014 – 2015
Public Relations

Kreativ Konzept

Advertising Agency, 2014
Public Relations, Graphic Design, Copywriting

The Walt Disney Company

Entertainment and Media Enterprise, 2015 – 2016
Cultural Representative

IKEA Germany

Furniture Retailer, 2016 – present
Communication & Interior Design

Das Erste
Design, Photography, Public Relations
Das Erste
Future Life
Future Life
Mandarin Chocolate
Design, Illustration
Mandarin Chocolate
Graphic Design for Local Businesses
Branding, Design, Photography
Graphic Design for Local Businesses
The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney Company

My Skills

I love new challenges that ask me to go above and beyond, leading to a constant improvement of my skills.

Photography 80%
Graphic Design 95%
Adobe Creative Suite 70%
Efficiency 100%

Education & Certifications

After graduating the „Gymnasium“, which is the most advanced of German secondary schools in 2010, I started working on my career, earning the following degrees and certificates:

Rhein-Sieg-Akademie für realistische bildende Kunst und Design

Full-Time Studying, Graphic  & Communication Design, 2010 – 2015

RSAK – Grey – Diploma

Graduating the academy with one of the top diploma, in cooperation with GREY GROUP, June 2015

IHK Certificate for Graphic & Communication Design

Additional certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2015

Career Development workshops with The Walt Disney Company

Certificate of completion of various career development workshops with the Walt Disney Company in Florida, 2016

Contact Information

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Bonn, Germany

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